What is BuDS?

BuDS is a statewide initiative that focuses on early identification of children from birth to five years old who may develop social, emotional or behavioral challenges. 

We have 3 fundamental goals:

  • The implementation of a strategic plan to build a comprehensive statewide System of Care (SOC) for children birth to five and their families.
  • Annual workforce development training for providers and clinicians from all over the state, so that we can develop an increased expertise and capacity in the state.
  • Building strong relationships with existing organizations and groups that work on early childhood issues in the state. 

Most importantly to families, parents and children, we provide prevention, intervention and ongoing support in the home, school and community.

Why do we say "beginnings determine success"?

Research over the last 10 years has shown overwhelmingly that early childhood education and intervention has substantial benefits for young children and over the course of their lives this will result in better health and educational success. For children who may have social, emotional or behavioral challenges early in their lives, screenings and if necessary intervention are critical to the future of the child and their ultimate success in life.