BuDS Screening Blitz

BuDS Screening Blitz

IMG_3674.JPGWe were out in the community last week as part of our BuDS screening blitz. We went to Commonwealth Village, Lincoln Garden Apartments, Northwood Village, and The Village to IMG_3684.JPGmeet families and their children and to encourage parents to have their child screened.

This is a free service that BuDS provides for children birth to five. Our partner, Hinds Behavioral Health Services also participated in these events and did the screenings for children and young adults ages 6-21.

IMG_3683.JPGWe'll be doing more events in the future and will continue to be out in the community and doing events. If you haven't done so already, take a moment to join BuDS and we'll put you on our email list so that you can get info and updates about future events, and helpful information about your child.



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